Just under a year ago I have had one of the most amazing experiences  as a 27 year old and mum of 1 words cant explain how amazing it was to compete in my first fitness competition and  step out on stage in front of so many people.  A big thanks goes to my beautiful friend and amazing coach Shellie Austin.

It was one of the most challenging 20 weeks of my life  training daily and making sure what I was fuelling my body with was correct , but without the guidance  and support of Shellie I would be lost.  Constant check ins each week to see how my progress was  going if something wasn't right it was fixed.

You hear so many first time comp prep contestants complain that what there eating or how they train are unbearable and tiring on there body , well for me it was one of the  most enjoyable experiences ever  not knowing what I needed to put into my body to prepare Shellie  made and tailored the most amazing meal plans   to work with my  busy  my lifestyle right down  to the nutrition I was fuelling my body with to suite me. I got pushed to my limits a place I never thought I could reach with my training the moment I felt like quitting Shellie was right there every step of the way .

The moment before you step on stage I Had the coach that was there every second even standing at the back of the stage right down to the last second I had to step on stage I felt amazing and supported 100 percent and this is the experience everyone should have. I am excited to have Shellie  comp prep me for my second competition late this year.

~ Patricia Nicholls


"I had slowly been losing weight but struggled with accountability and drive. When I first started with the group I was a little scared of showing my photo each week but once I got past that I loved it and looked forward to it each week. Rhi and Shellie were the biggest help, gave the best advice. I constantly felt supported and empowered to achieve my goals. So thankfully I had the opportunity to work with both these ladies because of them I now live a lifestyle that incorporates healthy active living"

~ Alicia Bobbermein

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Comp prep isnt for everyone, but this experience has been amazing even on the hard days.
Making this decison can be daunting but shellie helps you make it possible , guides you each step of the way and is your constant cheer leader.
This wasnt just a physical challange but a mental one aswell, it threw me so far out pf my comfort zone. I have seen a whole different side to me that i never knew was there. One that shows commitment and dedication, i never thought for the life of me i would get this far but here i am 24 days out from comp and still loving the experience.
Shellies app , well it doesnt get any easier than this , everything you need in the one spot. I love that each exercise is not just explained but shows you a video , you can track each week ( seeing how much stronger you get is the best) and also having the meal plan there to go, it can get tricky having to remember all the portion sizes. This way you cant fail
I always get the comment , ow your comp prepping you poor thing ! Let me guess chicken and rice?
I love being able to tell them all the yummy things i actually get to enjoy. This wasnt a crash diet but about building my metoblism to its best.
I get to enjoy my carbs , my peanut butter , my 6 meals and still be working towards my best physical shape yet.
If i could give one bit of advice is to out your full trust into shellie as your coach. Eat everything on your meal plan , nothing more , nothing less.
And do each exercise and workout to your full potential.
Shellie has amazing experience both in coaching but also training her self. Her actions and dedication shows that it is possible

~ Annabelle

3rd Place Bikini Model First Timer - Cairns ICN All Female Classic April 2017

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Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be where I am today. I couldn't have done it without support, motivation, guidance and never give up attitude from Shellie and all the girls at Bombshell Academy. My journey to date has been incredible, not only have I had an amazing transformation. I have met many wonderful people through this group, some of whom have become my close friends. Shellie is extremely knowledgeable in the fitness industry and in is tune with everyone's individual goals and what is required for you to reach them. Each workout and meal plan is tailored to ensure you reach the best version of yourself.

~ Shevy Hansen


"A good coach improves your game - A great coach improves your life. Shellie you have nailed this for myself and Dale"

~ Tami Shervey

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Life changing " truly can't put into words how shellie has changed my life . U just don't understand the depth until u work with this girl Iv only had one pt session with her but having the app programs and meal plans all done for you makes u feel like u are having pt sessions with her just without the torture haha . Shellies positive u can do no excuses attitude beams through her into you . All I can say is you can come into this purely wanting to change ur body but you will leave with so much more a changed outlook mindset and attitude . Iv tried working with pts before and even signing up to big company's 12 weeks challenges and I hav never experienced what Shellie gives . It's not just the tools to sculpt ur body it's so so much more . She is one of a kind . 

~ Cassandra Bishop

The moment I heard Shellie talk at a health & nutrition meeting I knew I had to have her train me. This amazing lady is authentic, passionate, knowledgeable & 💯 % invested in your fitness/wellness journey. Joining Shellie’s 12 week program & repeating it to reach my big goals is by far the very best thing I’ve ever done for myself! ✅ ✅ ✅ 
This is next level training & personalised care. ❤️

~ Jacqui Quinn

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It is really hard to sum this up simply with how my competition prep rolled out under the guidance of Shellie Austin.

I had competed once before in a federation that didn’t really count apparently so I was eligible to compete in the INBA Bikini First Timers and I was absolutely stoked as I still had some stage fright about doing the whole thing as my first competition really didn’t go to plan when I didn’t come in lean enough, I was disappointed and disheartened and said I wouldn’t compete again.

When Shellie approached me about competing a year later I must say I had thought about it again especially after seeing her incredible stage results - I ended up jumping all in and am so god damn lucky I did! Shellie catered to my dieting preferences and prepped me as a vegetarian. She took special care with me week to week checking my results as my body was quite stubborn. I had an incredible preparation where I didn’t lose energy, my sleep patterns didn’t get off track, I smashed all my gym PB’s and landed on stage in the leanest condition I had ever been in.

I did feel a billion dollars and her posing coaching and support saw me get up on the stage with confidence and poise in a line up of 28 bikini divas, scary right! I enjoyed every moment of my adventure through the prep and the part I was most stoked with was when I finished my first comp my rebound was 10kg in less than 2 weeks, this time around she helped me reverse diet gently and I barely put back on a kilo - I actually maintained my bikini physique for months after and was heading into season B with her until I found out I was pregnant and put everything on hold.

I am looking forward to my next season with her and would recommend her to any woman considering comp as she really does take the time to put detail into her work with you and your goals! 

~ Rhiannon Johnson

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WOW what a roller coaster of a 17 weeks it has been prepping for my very first Fitness Competition with Shellie! Has it been hard? Some days I'd say HELL YES it has been hard! There have been many highs, and some real lows that have put my commitment to the test. Without Shellie to cheer me on and reassure me that I CAN do this, I don't think that I'd still be here today with a completely transformed mind and body, and on my final weeks till the big day!

I started my journey with about 70% belief in myself, but 100% belief in Shellie and I am so thankful I trusted her with the entire process and just went for it. Nothing about it is complicated, it just requires discipline.
I find myself now only 3 weeks away from stepping on the stage in absolute disbelief some days at what I see in the mirror, and with 110% belief in myself! I have Abs, wholly crap and my butt isn't expanding anymore!!!! Who would have thought!
If you have a dream it starts with you, do yourself a favour and live it! It feels amazing
Thank you Shellie from the bottom of my heart, you are the best!

~ Tina Paterson

2nd Place Fitness Model 1st timer - Cairns ICN all Female Classic April 2017
2nd place Sports Model 1st timer - Cairns ICN all Female Classic April 2017
1st place Fitness Model over 30 - Townsville ICN Tropix April 2017
1st Place Fitness Momma Over 30 - Townsville ICN Tropix April 2017
2nd Place Sports Model Over 30 - Townsville ICN Tropix April 2017
3rd Place - Sports Model Open - Townsville ICN Tropix April 2017

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Shellie Austin has been nothing short of incredible for my first comp prep. I wanted someone who is knowledgable, reputable, respected and genuine. Someone who would tailor my training plan and diet to match my body type and goal for stage whilst keeping me healthy with minimal stress on the body. Finally I wanted someone who would be supportive, understanding and kick my butt when it was needed. She met my criteria and then some! The training program was different each week with great sets which helped keep it interesting and challenging. The meal plan was easy to follow and tasty too! I loved my PT sessions with her, as she really focused on pushing you whilst keeping good form and helping break through the mental game that can happen during training and prep. Shellie is very professional, focused and committed to making sure you suceed. She is the perfect blend of knowledge and know how, compassion, ass kicking and motivator needed for comp prep. Her love, passion and respect of the sport really shines through and is a testament to who she is and how she successfully preps. There has been many ups and downs for me but she has stuck by me the whole way and believed I could do it long before I could. Wouldn't and couldn't have done it without her!

~ Adriana 

1st PLace Figure Novice - Cairns ICN All Female Classic April 2017
2nd Place Figure Open - Cairns ICN All Female Classic April 2017
2nd Place Ms Figure Over 30 - Townsville ICN Tropix April 2017


This was my third time prepping for a competition and I must say this was my favourite for many reasons. I was excited to get started 6 months after having a baby and know I had the support of a female coach that understood the needs I had to get to where I wanted to be for stage.

Shellie provided an app where it stored my meal plans, exercise plans and where I was able to record my progress including pictures weekly - this was an absolute god sent to helping me be organsied.

The meal plan was easy to follow and stick to taking into consideration foods that I enjoyed and she was flexible with input I had while putting it together. 

The exercise was extremely straight forward as each exercise had a video of the how to do it if I was not familiar and I was also able to contact Shellie via the app at anytime. I enjoyed the programs as they were always different and lots of variety.

Overall the Season was fun and although it was hard work - it was so simple as set out from Shellie with all the tools she provided and the advice offered. I recommend prepping with Shellie for any woman looking to get the best out of their bodies, she lives and breathes what she is asking you to do and that gives you a great confidence in following the same path!

Thanks to Shellie I am back in my pre-baby body already, if not a better version thanks to all the advice and support.

~ Rhiannon


Honestly don’t know where to begin. I came to Shellie over 9 weeks ago. I was lacking motivation, excitement and structure in my life. I have huge things happening and I was finding that I was making excuses and eating poorly which was then affecting my overall mental health and physical health.

The overall knowledge, love and support you get along with a great app that has all your workouts and great mindset videos, Shellie truly helps you achieve all those goals you may have been chasing but couldn’t quite achieve on your own. The meal plans she also provides caters to what your intolerances/allergies and personal food preferences are which is fantastic!

I learn something every single session with Shellie, she really is one of the most down to earth, easy to work with amazing trainer and I am so thrilled that our paths crossed and she has enabled me to kick so many goals!!!

~ Mel Barber