4 Week Beginnners weights resistance & cardio program

A little stuck in the gym or unsure where to start? Then this program is just what you need. Suitable for most levels of fitness.

2 programs a week alternated throughout the week. All programs with full video technique exercises and easy to follow workouts. Makes the introduction to weight resistance training fun and enjoyable

4 Week Increase your Fitness HIIT workout programs   


Do you DISLIKE doing hours of boring cardio on the treadmill or bike?? Look no further. The HIIT cardio programs will have you sweating, building lean muscle & burning body fat for hours. Quick and effective full body weight training. 

Ramp up your metabolism with 3 programs a week that you can do in the comfort of you own home. All programs with full video technique exercises and easy to follow workouts suited to ALL levels of fitness.


8 Week Bikini Body Program

Your 8 Week Bikini Body Program is a great kickstart to getting on the right track to reaching your Health & Fitness Bikini Body goals.

* 2 x HIIT Training Sessions a week for 8 weeks - (videoed workouts you can do ANYWHERE available from our online training platform)
* A Meal plan success pdf guide with quick and tasty recipes. 
* 24/7 Email & Message support
* Access to our closed Facebook group of like-minded people for all your additional support and accountability.

SAVE 10% with an upfront payment of just $550. Or pay $165** deposit followed by 8 weekly payments of $55.
For FULL Payment please contact HMB Collective Direct.

WERK ~ PEACH ~ REPEAT - 7 Day Booty Program (pdf ONLY) 


"Your Booty's best friend" This program will help you tone, firm and sculpt a perfectly round booty.

Easy, simple to do program that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Step required but not necessary.

Put on your favourite booty pop'n tracks and get to WERK on that PEACH!!




12 Week Healthy Mind & Body Transformation

Are you sick of doing things half hearted??
Do you lose motivation easily??
How many times have you started & GIVEN UP?? 

Are you ready to really see what your body is truly capable of??

How long are you going to continue to watch others achieve what you want to achieve??

The 12 Week Healthy Mind & Body Transformation foundation course is designed to help you BOOT the old habits that are holding you back from reaching the body of your dreams & replace them with NEW healthy habits while creating a better understanding & healthy relationship with food. 
In 12 weeks you will be held accountable to your goals,
You will learn about the types of food that will get you the results you DESERVE,
You will gain strength, strip back body fat & tone your body with online videoed programs availble to you via an easy accessible app on your phone. 

Over the 12 week Healthy Mind & Body Transformation you will receive:

* Customised meals plan to suit YOU & your body (changes made according to weekk to week photo's & fortnightly weighins)
* Weekly checkin, accountability & goal setting tasks
* Weekly EASY-TO-FOLLOW online training programs which will be delivered weekly over the 12 week duration.
* Access to a private Facebook group where you will be united with your Tribe of people on the same journey. Your Tribe will not only keep you committed to the process but will also be your biggest cheerleaders along the way.
* Unlimited support via email, text & Facebook

HOW MUCH for ALL of this???

*** A deposit of $220 is required upon registration and a periodic debit fee of $88 per week for a 12 week duration is also required upon registration. 

CONTACT Shellie for your WELCOME Pack and get your DREAM body under contruction TODAY!! 

IF NOT NOW.........WHEN????

** Please note prices are subject to change without any given notice. All prices are inclusive of GST.